List Asset Management

List Asset Management

List Asset Management has registered for the comprehensive real estate investment advisory business and the financial instruments business (investment advisory and agency services, investment management business, and type II investment instruments business) and provides a variety of real estate-related asset management services. We aim to achieve stable growth as a group by working on the asset management business, which is a stock-type business, in addition to flow-type businesses such as the sales and distribution businesses, which have been strengths of the List Group. To meet the requirements of investors, we will further strengthen the stock-type businesses by accurately matching the latest needs of investors with real estate information in Japan and overseas, making full use of the Group’s network.

Functions of List Asset Management


We provide consulting services tailored to a variety of investor needs including real estate investment, real estate development and the creation of a portfolio strategy. We also provide them with the most suitable advisory services by closely examining and analyzing individual properties and projects, whether in Japan or abroad, taking the market environment into account. In Asia, in particular, we provide customers with the latest information using the platform of Sotheby’s International Realty® that develops services in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines, among other countries.


Investment Brokerage

Our mission is to provide optimum solutions for a variety of investor needs. Particularly in terms of offering a wide range of investment opportunities, we have strength in providing information not only in Japan but also from Asia and Hawaii, using the global network of the Sotheby’s International Realty® (SIR) brand, in addition to the unique information channels of each function of the List Group in Japan. In cross-border transactions, we are also proud of our capability of offering the same generous support as in Japan in cooperation with our overseas bases.


Asset Management

Reflecting the globalization of the real estate market, asset management is becoming increasingly important. It is no longer possible to make a decision on trends in the domestic real estate market with domestic information alone. We will provide the best asset management services pursuing all possibilities based on our advanced investment judgment made by gaining an understanding of the global market trends, using the international network of the List Group.

<Action Guidelines of List Asset Management>

  • 1) Optimum evaluation of investment value
  • 2) Efficient acquisition of investment opportunities
  • 3) Maximization of investment value
  • 4) Optimum judgment to realize investment value
  • 5) Actions based on compliance and strong professional work ethics
Property Management

As one of the stock businesses, we are also engaged in the property management business that maximizes asset value by operating and managing real estate appropriately and efficiently. We will sublimate the utility value of properties to the ownership value by combining a variety of methods including renovation, the change of use application and the replacement of tenants. We have been conducting PM of office buildings and PM of commercial properties such as mioka and the mioka List Building, which are complex redevelopment projects, and revitalizing the List Kannai Building, which revalued an old building constructed more than half a century ago. Going forward, we will expand the stock businesses by further increasing the number of staff with a wide range of advanced special knowledge, using our proven track record and expertise.

Provision of Flexible Investment Opportunities and Optimum Management Services

We will provide investors in Japan and overseas with flexible investment opportunities and optimum management services that satisfy them through the recent changes in the global social environment, taking advantage of the Group’s network such as Sotheby’s International Realty® (SIR) that develops cross-border transactions based on information on investors and properties in Japan and overseas, List Development with a wealth of investment and development expertise and List Construction that engages in the construction of detached houses and the management of buildings.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Business Flow

Business Flow

Corporate Profile

List Asset Management

Company Name List Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Head Office LIST Kannai Bldg., 4-47, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
TEL 045-680-1181
Establishment Dec. 11, 2008
Capital 50 million yen
President&CEO Yuji Ito
Employees 24(As of Jan. 2021)


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